Friday, February 29, 2008

Wine and Food Fest

This weekend I will be volunteering at the 9th Annual Washington D.C. International Wine & Food Festival. It's taking place today through Sunday at the Ronald Reagan Building. I'm excited mainly because I love food and I adore wine. Dare I say that I'm a wino? Actually, I think the proper term is oenophile. I'm also excited about all the people watching, meeting, greeting, etc. I've heard great things about the festival and this will be my first year attending. I'm hoping that it will be a much needed opportunity for me to hear people talking about something other than politics. Is it just me or has this presidential race become like American Idol?

And of course, it will be a good break from LOVAH-ville. A girl's gotta come up for air sometime!

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zandria said...

How fun! I've heard of that festival, but never attended. And when you volunteer, you get in for free, right? That never hurts. :)

City Girl DC said...
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City Girl DC said...

Yes, you get in for free the next day which is great. However, my comments about the fest will be coming soon in my next post.