Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Fun in Chinatown

Tonight I attempted the newly merged Zipcar/Flexcar Mix N Mingle party at Rocket Bar in Chinatown. As a carless city girl, and thankfully on this icy night, I have been a member since moving to DC. I just love being able to reserve a car at any time of the day or night, walk around the corner from my apartment, and take off. The Zipcar people were offering free food, an open bar, and a dance-off(?) for three hours. But by the time I got there around 8, the place was packed, the food was gone and/or severely picked over and the open bar had been shut down.
So, still needing a drink I headed elsewhere. The streets and sidewalks were so icy today that I almost fell down at least ten times. I figured if I was going to fall down I might as well be a little tipsy doing it and thus, it would hurt less.
This dreary weather lately has also put me in a very foul mood so I needed a good laugh. I got one on my way home. I've seen just about everything in DC and especially Chinatown. Last summer I even saw a girl pull her pants down and pee in front of the movie theater. But never have I run across a flamingly gay panhandler. His tone and mannerisms while asking for change were just too much! He actually complimented me on my hair even though I didn't give him any money. While this is probably not a very PC thing to laugh at, it was totally funny. I love DC...sometimes.

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1 comment:

Rayo said...

LMAO!! I've actually experienced a flaming street peddler before. He was trying to sell me an "ipod" and kept talking about how it's in style and how "HOTTT" I would look walking down the street with one.

Mind you, this guy looked like he was the former band leader of 'Father Time and The Mosettes.'