Sunday, April 11, 2010

Are You There Spring? It's Me, City Girl DC

I was beginning to believe that this year's weather was truly going to signify the end of the world. With unprecedented snowfall, the start of summer in April was not looking good to me. Fortunately, spring has returned and it is one of my favorite things about DC - that is, except for my spring allergies. For all you people who claim to love your health insurance the way it is, explain to me why my allergy medication is not covered at all by a major carrier. I've had allergy problems all of my life and I'm allergic to just about everything in nature, which explains why I'm not living in the country and don't like camping or any other wilderness-related activity. I've tried everything out there and I'm happy that some of these medications are now available over the counter. But as allergy sufferers know, it is very common to become immune to some brands over time. The only one that works for me right now is Allegra D, and it is still prescription only. But $40 for 10 pills is ridiculous! Between my allergies and the heat, I got no sleep this past week. But I knew it was spring for sure when the tourists rolled in. Every year it's the same and every year I'm annoyed. They have their children playing on the Metro escalators like they're at an amusement park, clog up the streets during rush hour with strollers, and somehow wind up in neighborhood restaurants where I never see kids. Could someone please tell me what hotel is directing these Midwesterners to Logan Tavern? Derek and I almost fell off our bar stools laughing when a rather chubby dad walks in wearing an undershirt, what appeared to be boxer shorts, and slip-on crocs. He looked around and said, "let's go somewhere else." Shame on you hotel concierge! Popeyes is just up the street.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Gay Straight Men

I used to think I knew exactly what the term "Gay Straight Men" meant. I now realize it's more than being metrosexual or an odd sexual tendency, or a feminine mannerism I can clearly detect. It's the man who engages in weird gossipy he said/she said bullshit and thinks it's a one-upmanship contest. If I were in my twenties maybe I would care but at this point in life I find it sad and pathetic that a guy I'm no longer interested in would resort to engaging in information gathering with another guy I was never interested in and then call me up to tell me shit that's barely half true in order to get back at me. The really weird thing is that while I was initially upset, I became increasingly intrigued by the idea that anybody could be talking about me like I'm some kind of celebrity. I started to love it actually. I feel famous almost. many more men do I need to sleep with to make it on TMZ?

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