Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On Vacation

I just realized that I haven't posted anything in a while. I guess it's because I've been on vacation from just about everything. Unfortunately, my workplace is in turmoil and I may not have a job to return to. But, I've been in this position before and rather than scramble for yet another job, I've decided to use this time to reflect. Yes, there has been lots of reflection amidst the fun I've been having. I've been doing a lot of cleaning house. I don't mean that my apartment is clean, which would be nice, but I have gotten rid of a lot of unnecessary junk. I loathe clutter both in my home and personal life. And that means, that I've eliminated all the useless men who have held on to my number. And ladies, you know what I mean - those 'just in case guys", the ones who hold on to your number for years even though you've never shown any interest whatsoever, the "well, he wasn't so bad was he?" guys, the ones you're just being nice to even though they bore you to tears or are unintentionally but genuinely annoying, the ones who treated you like shit and still feel the need to apologize, the ones who live in other states/countries and periodically try to get you to visit and promise you'll have so much fun, the buddy who you know has always wanted more.....Well anyway, I'm done with all of that. What's my tactic you ask? The line I'm using is: I got married and my husband doesn't like for men to call or send me messages. Seems to work and for now it's easier than changing my number. I thought about saying I was a lesbian but figured that would just turn guys on and then I'd have to deal with that.
I've also been reflecting on whether or not DC is the right place for me anymore. I'm starting to feel that I've gotten my fill and seriously need a change. But I just don't know yet where the right place is. Is it time for City Girl to find a new city?

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Life in DC: The Good and the Bad

I have to admit that while I'm a city girl at heart, living in a big city is not all it's cracked up to be. And while I accept the fact that I live in a city that was once the murder capitol, this past week has been disturbing. I've lived in Shaw for three years now and have never had any real problems. I have of course heard about the neighborhood's high crime past but Shaw has come a very long way as witnessed by the gentrification. But in one week there have been two shootings and a drug bust in my own building.
The first shooting was in front of the Whitman this past Monday evening as was reported on by BaancBlog. I was just about to head to the metro when I heard the gunfire and like the writer, thought (hoped) these were firecrackers. Once outside, I saw police surrounding the area. I still don't know what this was about. Then early Wednesday morning I awoke to someone's door on a floor above me being busted open. I went to the window first and saw cars surrounding the building and FBI agents rushing in. I opened my front door and they were everywhere. Repeated trips to my window revealed someone I didn't recognize handcuffed and being shoved into a car. I felt as if I was watching an episode of Law and Order. I finally asked one of the agents what was going on but as I figured, he said he couldn't tell me anything. All I know is that they spent at least two and half hours up there and took several bags of evidence out.

Next up, a fatal shooting on Thursday at about 9:30 pm right in front of the Mount Vernon Square/Convention Center metro - yes, the one I get on and off at almost every day. Sorry, but this is all a bit much for this city girl.
So, I took the edge off with the some live music at the Black Cat at the end of the week. As I've mentioned before, I love house music and Tortured Soul is an amazing live house band. Last week I also met two cute professional guys while out watching the NBA playoffs. One of them is determined to get us a coveted seat at Cafe Atlantico's Minibar. Knowing a little something about sports and not having cable actually does pay off sometimes.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Joan!

I just want to give a big belated shout out to all the mothers out there. Mother's Day has got to be one of the most significant made up holidays that Hallmark has ever come up with. Like most holidays, I think it's important to celebrate the person or occasion, any and every day of the year. But I do think it's a good idea to take time out to say thanks to the women who pushed our asses out of their uterus or who endured being cut open for a C-section. I haven't done it and can't even imagine doing it at this point without major drugs. I saw one of my nieces come out of my sister and that nearly killed me. Well, back on track...Ahhh, Mother's Day. I will always remember the days of serving up a bowl of corn flakes and a homemade card to my mother in bed. So of course, I was so happy for Joan Rivers who won Celebrity Apprentice on this special day. I am not a fan of this show or any reality TV show for that matter, but have always been a fan of Joan. She's funny, speaks her mind, I tend to agree with her opinions of celebrities and other issues, she always looks good (even with being the poster child for plastic surgery), she is extremely hard-working, has remained in the business for many years, has stayed relevant, and is fiercely loyal to her daughter. What more can you want from a mother? I was pulled into the show this season mainly because of her. I knew she would keep things edgy and interesting. At least Donald Trump did something right. Too bad he can't get the hair thing right. And yes, I am deeply appreciative of my own loving mother who has been there for me through thick and thin. Love you Mom!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009


While I extolled the benefits of rain in my last post, I realized that I needed some sun. Hell, this is not Seattle! And every once in a while in the past few days we have seen the sun in between all those overcast skys.
Even though rain was still in the forecast, as optimistic DC residents, we celebrated early this past Friday with cocktails on my favorite rooftop over at the Whitman where Mitch lives.
This rooftop really does have the best view of the city. The pool was being cleaned and I took the time out to chat it up with the Jamaican pool guy.
I brought the prosecco, someone else brought beer, and his boyfriend Clayton shared with us his bottle of Nuvo which was a birthday gift from friends. This was truly a fitting gift since Clayton, who has now been given the title of nephew, is divaesque with perfect fashion sense and the look of a male supermodel. He is also the sweetest guy ever and Nuvo is probably the sweetest drink I've ever had! I'm surprised I didn't pass out from the sugar rush.

The party was fun, but we all had dinner plans. I hooked up with a guy in town from Chicago for his daughter's graduation. Yes, I am old enough to be dating guys who have children graduating from college. He introduced me to a strange cocktail at the hotel bar where he was staying (pictured). This must have been my night for strange drinks. Who out there has ever heard of an apple martini with olive juice? Is this a Chicago thing? Hey, I'm always down to try something new. We left there and headed out to Adams Morgan for Ethiopian at Meskerem and bar hopping. Believe me, Adams Morgan on a Friday was a destination solely due to my out of town friend wanting some excitement. My tour guide duties ended on U Street. He said he had fun and we'll probably keep in touch. But a friend is definitely all there is to that. I don't do long distance.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Let it Rain

I'm typically not a fan of rainy weather but let me just say, I much prefer this over that early dose of summer last week. I've come to realize that I really don't like DC summers. Spring and fall are by far the best. The extreme heat and humidity are just horrible as well as the things that come with. DC summers mean: the constant feeling of hot, sticky, sweaty skin; waking up to 90 degree mornings and being drenched in sweat after walking just two blocks to the metro; bad hair days from the humidity; stepping over roaches on the sidewalk; every crazy person in the world being on the street and yelling at the top of their lungs; sky high electric bills from having to run the AC constantly; tourists everywhere... Ok, I'll stop now. And I've never understood why people always say things like, "have a great summer" or, "what are your plans for the summer?", as if we're all still in elementary school and will be heading off to summer camp. As an adult, my life has never changed in the summer. I'm not married with kids so I'm not taking trips to Disneyland. And I've never used leave from any job I've had specifically in the summer. But if I could run off to a cool climate for three months this year, I definitely would!

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