Saturday, February 9, 2008

Plenty of Soup for You

Another one of my passions is food - good food. I'm always on the hunt for good food when I'm out exploring the city. A girl's gotta eat.
It's still soup season for me and as you may have read, pho has been one of my latest obsessions. I'll even go to the burbs to get it. One of my favorite food blogs is and my list of great soups around the city made it to the weekly Five Bites yesterday.
If you know of any other great soups and especially where to get good pho, let me know!

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Food Rockz Man said...

So where's the good pho in the city? Any tips? I recently noticed and on Friday tried out a pan-Asian sort of place on L Street between 19th and 20th NW that has a sign on the front announcing its pho. I forget the name of the place, but the pho was decent . . . it didn't knock my socks off . . . but I'll go back again . . . in large part because I live and work in the neighborhood and it's the only pho I've found in my hood. I miss SoCal and its abundance of pho.

Van said...

Well, it's a bit of a trek, but the best pho I ever had was at this little hole in the wall in Hanoi. We sat on big wooden benches and everybody pulled from communal chopsticks and herbs. Probably not the most sanitary of places, but it tasted great. But, I guess that falls out of the scope of a DC blog. :)

As far as the DC area goes, I've only had it in the 'burbs. The stretch along route 7 between Seven Corners and Falls Church seems to have a few decent places, but nothing mind-blowing.

Thanks for coming out last night. Enjoyed seeing you again. Feel free to email or blog your constructive criticism and commentary. :)

City Girl DC said...

FRM- I've also tried the place on 19th and L called Asian Bistro. It's ok, but nothing like what I've had a few times way out in VA. It's a shame DC doesn't have authentic pho. Not that I know of.
Van- I loved your party! You've got to have more of those. And thanks for the tip but I won't be in Hanoi anytime soon. I don't think...

Food Rockz Man said...

Did you see this pho recipe over at Steamy Kitchen:

Haven't tried it . . . but I might put it on my to-do list.

From DC to NYC and Back Foodies said...

favorite pho is at Nam-Viet in Cleveland Park... if you go in don't forget to order their spring rolls as well... large rolls and absolutely delicious!

Amanda said...

It's totally a cheat recipe, but the Best New Recipe cookbook by Cook's Illustrated has a simple way to imitate pho at home. They call it Vietnamese beef noodle soup, I think.

You basically doctor up chicken stock with ginger, garlic, star anise, cinnamon, etc and add whatever beef, noodles, garnish. Fairly simple and very satisfying.

City Girl DC said...

FRM- Thanks for the link! Jaden at Steamy Kitchen always has good stuff on her site and that pho recipe is amazing in detail. That seems like a whole 2-day project for me though. I might try it.
Amanda- your idea sounds a lot more manageable!

Keep me posted guys if really good pho is found in the district!