Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Wednesday

At some point very soon, I will force time to slow down and not allow spring to fly by like a whirling dervish as it did last year and the year before, etc. and allow me to think clearly. Oh, how I wish I could. In the meantime, I only have random thoughts.

  • I realized the power of our thoughts, which I need to remember for more important stuff: Two weeks ago I was on a date at Utopia listening to jazz and couldn't keep my eyes off the drummer. So cute! But he must be a baby, I thought. Unfortunately, I was much more interested in him than my date. Last night, said drummer approaches me at Patty Boom Boom and says he's seen me many times around town and was interested. We engage in a great conversation and flirt heavily. A date has been planned. And yes, he is a baby (24!), but oh well.
  • What does a girl want? A 100 calorie cocktail, that's what! PS7s has just that. The other day I Linkhad the Skinny Gnome and was in love. I'm a gin drinker and love cucumber so this was the drink for me. Mixologist, Gina Chersevani is amazing!
  • Why do sex phrases revolve around men being in power: bang, nail, screw, feed the clam (not my term)? How about, wrestling the snake? At least the woman is active.
  • At a recent conference I met a guy at the hotel bar who said with the sincerest of eyes, that he "lives for the cuddle" - but only after sex. Lol. Interesting tactic for enticing women into bed! After hearing my dating history he also said that I take advantage of crazy men for sex. Well, that's a fresh new perspective.
  • I'm absolutely loving my new Conair Mega Ceramic blow dry paddle brush. Where has this brush been all my life? For someone who has thick hair, I'm amazed at how this brush has cut down my blow dry time.
  • How crazy is it that a blogger was threatened with legal action over a comment on her blog? I hate stupid shit. Won't be patronizing Du Vin de Bullshit. Power to UStreetGirl and all bloggers!
  • Healthcare for all!!!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Catching Up

I feel like the fog has finally lifted from the chaos that had become my life and I can actually breathe. The nice spring-like weather has certainly helped. And sure enough, the month of March has remained true to form. As I posted last year, the men are out and I'm juggling dates. While I haven't felt sparks with any of these guys so far, the good thing is that I'm getting a chance to try out a lot of places on my list. Yes, I know I'm late but I finally had dinner at Masa 14. We tried about ten different dishes and I can't say I'm a big fan of the food. The barbecued salmon and pork tan tan noodles were my favorites but they were just ok. This is not the place I'd go if I were hungry. But the atmosphere and bar list are great so I would definitely meet up here with friends for drinks. Last Saturday I met the same guy at Patty Boom Boom. I had been anxiously awaiting this place. I unfortunately forgot how much I dislike going out in DC on the weekend. At 10pm, this place was packed and I just wasn't feeling the crowd. The guy at the door suggested we come back on Tuesday when there's a live band. And that's exactly what I did. This time I was with a new guy and the atmosphere was much better. I loved the rum punch and the jerk goat patty but I thought the bass was just too overwhelming for the band. Don't get me wrong, I love bass but just not at the expense of enjoying the music. A few days later, I had a very relaxed evening with yet another guy at Room 11. I almost forgot how eager I was to try this place when I read about it a few months ago. I fell in love almost immediately. The place is indeed small but rustic and cozy - perfect for a date. I loved my food and the wine selection is great. We finished the evening at Passenger's Columbia Room. As I imagined, this place is fabulous. I can't even think of a better place to have cocktails. With all the activity lately, I am all too happy to spend this weekend catching up on laundry!

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Amidst Chaos

I love a pleasant surprise. This past week was chaotic in ways I can't and don't want to go into. Let's just say I survived. And through it all, there was a ray of hope. In addition to my normal work schedule, I took on some contract work that needed to be done in just a week. Broke girl needs work - she'll do it. So, I was exhausted and delirious, which of course means I made bad decisions like thinking I could relieve stress with an ex. Not. Why didn't someone warn me!!! The good thing is that as DC conferences go, there's always interesting people to meet. Lucky for me I met some folks from Barbados who now have me convinced that I should be living there. I may not go that far but I will definitely visit this summer, hopefully for carnival. This extended winter season in DC has been enough to speed up my search for my happy place.

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