Friday, February 22, 2008

Ménage a Quatre?

Tonight I had drinks with Pam after attempting the Brazilian Rhythms at Saint Ex. I was just not in the mood for the loud, crowded space. Afterwards, I had left over energy which turned out to be a good thing because I got a late night call from a friend for a potential business venture. We met at Clyde's in Chinatown. I discovered the importance of talking to people. After my friend left, there was a guy who kept staring at my boots. Weird, transvestite, thief? He finally came over and was none of those things but a typical government nerd. Cute. And how in the world did we discover that we were both born in the same New Jersey hospital? Strange. That eclipse Megan reminded me of last night must mean something.
Well, I was hungry so I took a right for late night Chinese grease. While waiting for my food, I was drawn to a group of four rowdy but friendly guys - two Asian, one African-American, one Cuban. They invited me over for communal food: fish, beef with XO sauce, watercress with garlic, clams, and of course, special tea. The food was delicious. They were all so cute and fun! One of them asked who I was most attracted to. What could I say? Maybe, as I mentioned in my last post, women's choices are not so limited that we are forced to think about settling. Maybe it's hard to choose just one guy and one ordinary life when we're having so much fun.

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DC Newbie said...

The minute you stop looking for a guy, they come out of the woodworks! It just confirms my belief that love cannot be hunted down like a wounded gazelle. You find it best when you're not looking...

City Girl DC said...

DC Newbie- I agree! Great guys are everywhere when you stop looking.