Monday, March 3, 2008

Wine (Whine) Overload

After Goldilocks gets her fill of good porridge, does she go in search of greater sustenance? Or, does she eat until she can't eat anymore? Shit, I live in DC. Goldilocks goes in search of good wine and food! So, the Wine and Food Fest was great if all I wanted was wine and bullshit talk from wine producers. My favorite characters were the rock star dudes from Miami Winery even though I would probably never drink mango, lychee, or guava wine. My main complaint was the lack of food. Why not just call it a Wine Fest? There were bread and cracker stations throughout, but real food samples? Nonexistent. I didn't feel so bad since I got in for free in exchange for volunteering the day before. Pam and I were drunk even though we didn't make it there until the last hour and a half. And so were many others. I don't envy the Ronald Reagan Building staff for having to get rid of all the people drunk from way too many tastings. When we got outside, there were guys doing push-ups on Pennsylvania Avenue, apparently as a result of too much wine.
But I needed it. I made the decision to say goodbye to my twenty-something heading off to active military duty. So, of course I needed more wine. Noticing the time, we realized that Vinoteca has happy hour from 4-7 pm on Sunday through Thursday. I'd been saving the place for a fun night out with a fellow blogger, but we were truly starving. We hopped on the 68 bus and jokingly told the bus driver not to stop for anyone. Several riders did not appreciate our comments because he seemed to take us seriously. He wanted to know where we were in such a rush to get to and we pointed out the place as we ran from the bus into Vinoteca. Fortunately, we made it and the bartender was very amused. After about twenty minutes into our drinks and sliders, in walks the bus driver! We couldn't believe it. Where was the bus? Apparently, he ditched it and was so interested in where we were rushing off to that he decided to come in and buy us a drink. Very nice gesture I thought. Interesting though how he spent most of his time on the phone with his girlfriend explaining why he wasn't at home. Men. Gotta love 'em.

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DC Newbie said...

It's funny you should mention the lack of food at the Wine and Food festival. I was out with friends on Saturday around 5 and mentioned the festival. These two couples seated at the next table told us immediately not to waste our money, commenting on the lack of food and lack of quality wineries present. One guy offered to sell us his bracelet for half price if we absolutely wanted to go. Needless to say, we decided to skip it.

DCfabulous said...

Wow. We all seem to be on the same page. I was also there, and also would have been mighty disappointed if I had paid $95 for a ticket. A girl sometimes needs to eat more than a couple stale crackers and some chocolate samples!

City Girl DC said...

Yes, it was indeed a disappointment but an experience nonetheless. I did gain a new wine favorite in Opolo Wines. Their vendor was also the most fun. He was completely wasted!

zandria said...

That's too bad about the festival! I mean, aren't they misrepresenting themselves if there isn't a lot of food variety at a food festival?