Friday, October 31, 2008

In a Weird Place

...why do I feel like I'm in a weird place? No, it has nothing to do with Halloween. I don't recognize this date as a holiday and haven't dressed up since I was 12. But bad things have happened recently and I've been in a slight funk. Is it that I'm exhausted from working a new, very cerebrally challenging job? Is it that I'm undergoing a major life change? Is it that I'm sensing a societal, political, and cultural shift that is undetectable only to those asleep or on another planet? Is it that I hate cold weather and don't want to go anywhere further than two blocks from my apartment, which limits me to like two places. Who knows?
What I do know is that I spent an evening playing a game (darts) I would never have considered playing and getting drunk with a man I've known for 4 years now and still wonder if I'm destined to be "friends" with men because I have never found what I want. Maybe what I want doesn't exist anymore. Could that be? A guy who likes to cuddle. Who wants to come home and watch Netflix movies and have hot chocolate when it's cold. A man who likes to hold hands while shopping. A man who wants to go to NBA games and snuggle up at Clyde's afterwards. A man without drama. A man who respects and values me the way I respect and value him. A man who is mine and only mine. It's the American girl's dream isn't it? Can these politicians promise me that? Unfortunately not.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Columbus Day Fun

I ended up spending part of my Columbus Day holiday hanging out at Timberlake's in Dupont Circle with Mitch and a bartender friend who had just gotten off work. Late in the evening, a group of dark-haired men carrying guitars walked in. I was told that they call themselves the Gypsy Dogs and are part of a flamenco band. They sometimes stop by after a performance and do a little impromptu set. Kind of weird coincidence given that Columbus was commissioned by the Spanish monarchy to take his fateful trip across the Atlantic Ocean. As the story goes, Columbus was looking for a new route to the East. Earlier that evening I had dinner at Malaysia Kopitiam. The curry laska noodle soup was hot, spicy, and delicious and just what I needed as I've been getting over a cold/allergy/sinus thing and needing to open up my nasal passages. Flan for dessert over at Habana Village would have been nice but I was stuffed. And yes, Columbus spent quite a bit of time in Latin America and the Caribbean. While I certainly can't say I celebrate Columbus Day, this diversity of food available to me in this country makes me appreciate world travelers. In a melancholy sort of way, I am just thankful that Columbus and his band of colonizers didn't wipe out all indigenous people.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Me - Getting Serious

Ok, so this blog is in no way political. Well, I guess you could argue that everything is political - relationships in particular. But I am really not a politics kind of gal, which is the perfect lead into my big issue right now - Sarah Palin. I'm all about women having power, but this just offends me. Look, I'm not even going to get into my party preference, voting tendencies, and stand on major issues. This shit is about right and wrong and to be honest, I'm scared. I saw the Vice Presidential debates and the Katie Couric interviews, which just got worse and worse each day. Here's just a little of what scares me about the Republican Vice Presidential nominee:

  • Thinks being gay is a choice
  • Seems to think the morning after pill is an abortion pill
  • Thinks global warming is part of some cyclical weather pattern and not due to human activity
  • Can't/won't name a newspaper she's read
  • Can't name a Supreme Court case other than Roe vs. Wade (imagine that)
  • And, let's not forget she's a shooter. Don't we have enough gun-toting shooters in DC?
  • Her speech is worse than a 3rd grader in one of America's worst schools: also, fersure, doggonit, youbetcha - do we really want 4 years of that?
  • Tried to ban books in Alaska
I know that there are people who said they'd move to Canada if Reagan was elected so, I'm not saying anything new but I just may look into the northern region. I just don't get it and I am left with many questions. How is someone in the running for Vice President of this country who treats a debate like a beauty pageant - winking, completely incoherent answers, ignoring questions, hair tossing? Do Americans really value higher education when they can support someone who went to 5 schools before getting a B.A. in journalism and then bashes the media? This is not Clueless. Being stupid is not cute in a presidential election, is it? Can acting like a politician get you into the White House? Hmmm...Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger. And really, who the fuck is Joe Six Pack?
Can we all just get serious for a moment? This country is facing serious issues. What I don't need is a wink and a smile!

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