Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Men: 2007 Year-End Review

This year has been an interesting one when it comes to men. Probably one of the most diverse ever. Kind of like a bowl of mixed nuts. I was going to do a more comprehensive year-end review but decided to just do a quick re-cap. I mean really, it's New Year's Eve! Who needs to go too far back down memory lane? Here we go:

· Brooding musician - divorce bitterness and a rollover from last year
· Outrageously arrogant workaholic chef - no time for dating but time for sex?
· Corporate guy from Utah or Idaho or I don't know, one of those boxy states - traveled way too much for work. I need attention.
· Text message guy - really hot but way too immature for a 30-something. Even tried to have text message sex!
· 25 year old guy - very sweet but I felt like a pedophile
· 40-something Caribbean guy - another bitter divorced dude who just couldn't stop his argumentative talk to save his life
· Old Mr. DJ - good grief! Not even worth a description. After three years of being jerked around you would think I would have gotten it. My number one New Year's resolution is to stay away from this one for good.

Lookout 2008, City Girl is going to demand better men! Happy New Year everybody!

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darlajmd said...

Interesting and funny list. Where do these guys come from anyway? Good resolution! Happy new year!

CityGirl said...

I've actually enjoyed the company of three great guys already this year so things are looking up! Happy new year to you too!