Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sex Nazi

I have decided that in 2008 I will be the Sex Nazi, kind of like the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld - "no sex for you"! Why? Well, I am totally sick of guys calling me after midnight, calling me on a Friday or Saturday night just to see what I'm doing, married/separated guys or other unavailable men, guys who can't hang out because they have to "be with their child on the weekend" like some kind of reconnaissance mission, men who think "coming over" is a date, or any other man looking for a quick roll in the hay.
And especially no sex granted to those who chose not to call and say happy new year. Absolutely not. There will be no excuses, exceptions, or forgiveness rules. Just come correct. Is that too hard to ask? No. Like metro, just keep it moving!

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Anonymous said...

OMG I totally agree with this! And PS to anyone who is reading this: City Girl is right. Hanging out at the house is NOT a date. Especially if you usually hang out at your house. You deserve more!

Anonymous said...

Any idea why guys would get the impression that this is okay in the first place?

City Girl DC said...

My theory is that a lot of guys operate on the "try it and see what happens" method of getting what they want. Unfortunately, they have often been able to get away with doing very little to get sex and figure they'll keep trying.