Monday, January 28, 2008

Chocolate Heaven

Being a chocoholic and hearing so much about the new chocolate bar ACKC (Artfully Chocolate Kingsbury Confections) on 14th St., I had to try out the place. The amazing artwork on the tables and walls is the work of co-owner Eric Nelson.

After a few minutes inside this delightful little chocolate bar, I was thinking to myself: is DC the new San Francisco? While some might call the decor loud and gaudy, I would say it's a very happy place to be. And when I say happy, I also mean gay. In the words of Assistant Manager Delando, "we wanted to make sure this place was as gay as it could be. Like a drag queen threw up!"
At the table next to me were two openly gay men talking about gentrification. One of them had recently moved to Shaw. He mentioned that his block had become completed gay-owned in the last year but that it was still very "ghetto". He seemed very concerned about all the litter produced by the surrounding neighbors and feared that his dog would choke on all the chicken bones that had been tossed to the ground. My favorite comment from this same guy: "I didn't become a Republican until I moved to Shaw." Interesting.
Even that annoyingly offensive conversation didn't affect how much enjoyment I got from my blissfully delicious hot chocolate. The hours are good too so you can get your chocolate fix in the morning or at night. Stop in and tell Delando that City Girl said hello!

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Golden Silence said...

In regards to the guys talking: People really don't care what comes out of their mouths in public. Tacky.

Oh well. . .I'm glad you enjoyed the place. Someone else did a review on it and it looks like a place I'd want to check out. Who cares how "gaudy" and over-the-top a place is when it's all about the good chocolate!

Jobless said...

what jems to overhear... thought it's not hard to overhear anything in this neighborhood, am I right?

i've been hoping to finally visit this place and find chocolates I've never dreamed of... sOoo... anything TO DIE FOR?

City Girl DC said...

Golden Silence, you are so right. That was very tacky. And I love the decor. But the chocolate is what matters!
Jobless - the two drinks I've tried, the Joan and the Lucy are both to die for!