Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What Every Woman Needs in 2008: Raheem DeVaughn

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my love for live music, particularly local artists, and Raheem DeVaughn is my all-time favorite. I have been following his career since I moved to DC in 2001 and as others have said, he is definitely the hardest working man in the business. And one of the most passionate, humble, talented, underappreciated, versatile artists as well. I can remember shows in small clubs where he personally introduced his mother and recognized her for his success. Gotta love a man who loves his Moma!

So, I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard he was finally getting his props by being nominated for a Grammy in the male R&B vocal performance category for his new single, "Woman". The show will air next month on Feb. 10th and I just hope they air Raheem accepting his award (because I just know he will win!). If you haven't heard the song yet, check it out on his web site, It is a beautiful anthem to women everywhere. His album,
Love Behind the Melody will hit stores next week on Tuesday, January 15th. I will be one of the first in line for it.

In the meantime, there will be a listening party DJ'd by another local favorite, W. Ellington Felton at Marvin on 14th and U Streets tonight.

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Rayo said...

I remember going to the Howard Homecoming in 2004. He was "relatively new" on the scene at that time, but I had known him for years...and apparently I was the only one.

He was performing at yardfest and I remember being the only that was actually excited to see him and singing along.

I am so happy for him. He is now #1 on the charts and I pray that his success continues in the future.

City Girl DC said...

My first time seeing him was at the 9:30 Club when he was with Urban Ave 31. I was hooked! I am thrilled about his success. Wouldn't that be great if he was performing on the Grammys?

Rayo said...

That would be awesome.