Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fun in Chinatown

One of the funny things about DC is that there are more chain/American restaurants in Chinatown than Chinese restaurants. One of them is Ruby Tuesday. Ordinarily I would not even think about going to this place but I decided to use a coupon I got in the mail and check out the newly renovated location. My impression of Ruby Tuesday (as with Friday's, Applebee's, Olive Garden, etc.) is bad food, loud teenagers, and suburban families. And since we're talking about Chinatown, I would also have to add in clueless tourists.
So, I figured I would grab a safe appetizer and beer and head out elsewhere on 7th street. While the place looks much better, I thought it was odd that they needed to have an obvious police officer at the door. By the time I left, I realized why: a large group of underagers came in and tried to order drinks, a woman whose date walked out on her realized she was being stalked by him as he peered through the window, and after a woman decided to pay her bill with a check, she was detained by the officer in a corner of the restaurant and had her picture taken so she would not be allowed to return.
It wasn't all bad. I do recall being entertained by a Joe Pesci look-a-like bartender. His best line of the night was after seeing me apply chapstick: "I like to see my wife taking care of her lips." Awww, how sweet!?

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Ed Bruske said...

China town has moved. It can now be found in Rockville.

CityGirl said...

Ah, you are so right Ed. And I love A&J Restaurant on Rockville Pike!