Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dating and Suburbaphobia

Weekend date: attractive, 30-something man, intelligent, nicely dressed, great job. I know, you're thinking what's the problem? Geography.

Lives in Maryland, frequents the suburban hangouts, frat buddies and friends who live in those spooky suburban housing developments in the woods separated by acres of space. Yes, I am truly suburbaphobic. And? I live in a major city! The burbs are irrelevant.
The date started out well at Rasika. I had been hearing great things about bartender Gina Chersevani and she really is as good as they say. I took a picture of the beautiful drink she made me but my camera phone doesn't take good pictures in dim light. I really need a digital camera.
Anyway, all in all, a very nice guy. But just not used to parking in DC which means we didn't end up grabbing a bite at Annie's to continue dancing at Five after I'd endured a visit to the Bay Street nightclub in (gasp!) a Best Western in Lanham, Maryland.
And believe me when I say, there were guys in the parking lot drinking Grey Goose served from the hood of their car. This picture above says it all. So you can understand why I restrict my partying to the city.

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