Saturday, August 8, 2009

Three Men, One Night, No Money

It's a Saturday afternoon and I'm trying to sort out the last two days: where did these numbers in my cell phone come from and whose cards are these in my purse? What's missing? ATM receipts. And that would be a good thing even if I wasn't so broke right now.
Things got interesting on Thursday when I double-booked dates for the night. The first was for happy hour at Urbana. I met Bachelor #5 at a free small business seminar a week ago. Urbana was the perfect choice because I've been craving their bacon wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese. These little delicacies are amazing! They're like warm, crispy candy with a soft center and a touch of saltiness. Perfect for one of those sweet/salty PMS-induced cravings. The date went well. We played a fun little game of this-or-that to get a sense of our likes and dislikes. Around eight, he headed to the train and I was on my way to date #2. I decided to take a stroll to my next destination and walk off the wine I drank. As I was walking, a harmless-looking guy approached with an armful of papers and a briefcase. I generally don't speak to random guys on the street but I guess the wine had me feeling friendly. Apparently he had just left the office after a long day where he worked as a legal consultant. I had some time before the next date, so when he suggested a quick drink at Local 16, I figured why not. He turned out to be rather nice and we made plans for a movie the next day. I was refreshed enough to continue my journey to Vinoteca, where I was meeting up with Bachelor #4. I knew exactly what I wanted - the lamb sliders. We decided to get a bottle of wine so, we went with the 2007 Turley Zinfandel which has been on my must-try list for a while. It paired extremely well with the lamb. As for the date, let's just say I don't think I pair too well with #4.

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True2me said...

Damn girl..what a night..I envy that ..I> dont have the patience

City Girl DC said...

Sometimes I don't either!

mary said...

I am so jealous! Keepo on the good work!

PS i love your blog, it gets me through the day!!!

City Girl DC said...

Thanks Mary! I will try my best:)