Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Looking Good for Less

As the dog days of summer drag on, the need to look good and show more skin continues. I've tried many DC salons and spas over the years to narrow down a list of go-to's from inexpensive but good to splurge spots. It's not easy in DC to manage looking good all the time if you're on a budget. I've heard for years from friends and family in other areas how even in New York, it's not hard to find great, inexpensive nail and hair salons. When I visit family in Jersey, I frequent a hair salon that only charges $15 for a really good roller set. In DC, the lowest I've been able to find that same service is for $35. And don't get me started on manicures a pedicures in DC. What's up with all the $50 pedicures? This is why I was happy to stumble upon Spalon in Dupont this summer. A mani and pedi combined is only $35 and I've been consistently happy with the service. It's a comfortable, friendly, and professional environment and my toes have looked great for at least two weeks. A couple of times I've even gotten complimentary brow waxing. I recently walked in without an appointment and decided to use the time to test the hair services. I've been extremely satisfied with my regular stylist but stylist-owned salons can be rather pricey. I usually don't trust a whim when it comes to my hair but the stylist I requested was doing a good job on the woman in her chair. Once she was done with me I was pleasantly surprised, especially for only $35. My coiffed hair even stood up to the steamy DC air. Looks like I'll be adding Spalon to the list.

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Shaw Girl said...

Which hairstylist did you use? And would you trust her to put a relaxer in your hair? I'm thinking about switching to a new hairstylist, so this is right on the money!

City Girl DC said...

Hey Shaw Girl - I saw Sue but I can't vouch for her skills at chemical services since I didn't have one done. I can however, strongly recommend my regulars for that: Gwen at Halcyon (very personal attention) or Bo at Bo 26 Hair Studio.

Shaw Girl said...

Thanks so much! I think I'll give Bo a try...I'm thinking about doing a pixie cut and am nervous about finding a good salon.

Shani Anona said...

City Girl DC,

Sounds like you discovered a find out in DC. I have to say, this is one of things I do appreciate about NYC. Not to rub it in but you can find those great inexpensive deals which helps this girl who lives and breathes budget. For many years, I've been getting my mani/pedis done for a weekly sale 2 for $15. Its a small spot in my neighborhood but I'm a faithful customer. This woman has been growing my nails for years. And the roller sets prices are good too. Since I've converted back to my natural hair, I've been doing my own thing but when I used to perm it I always had my cheap but chic dos.