Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DC Beer Week

Looks like there's something to celebrate this week: It's DC Beer Week. Tonight's lineup looks particularly good. While I'm not a beer snob, beer geek, or cocktail nerd (as explained by Derek Brown in the City Paper), I do love some good beer. I didn't start drinking beer until later in adulthood compared to other beer drinkers. I think this is why I bypassed the bad beer drinking (Bud Light) of college years. I didn't even have beer from a keg until a couple of years ago. I also love being served beer in the appropriate glass. It's like beer fashion. And it really does make a difference in terms of taste as well as how it feels in your hand. I absolutely hate huge mugs. I fell in love with the Sam Adams pint glass (right) a few months ago. The Boston Globe has a nifty little guide to glasses on their site. The good thing is that I've seen a growth in bars and restaurants with good beer on tap and in bottles as well as bartenders who are passionate and knowledgeable about beer. When I want a beer, you'll tend to find me at: The Reef, The Saloon, Commonwealth (the cask conditioned ales are amazing!) , and the Brickskeller. If I lived closer to Granville Moore's, I would be there more often too. Ok, I'm getting thirsty.

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