Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Runway?

I met a couple of neighbors last night for the season premiere of Project Runway at the Duplex Diner, which was guaranteed to be showing it. I got there somewhat late but I don't think it would have mattered. The place was packed! Could there have been more gay guys in one place? I've noticed that in my old age I've become claustrophobic so I couldn't take it, not even for Project Runway. I took my old ass to Clyde's for a roasted turkey sandwich and a beer and called it a night. At least now I know Clyde's is having a filet mignon special for the month of August and a 1st Annual Old Ebbitt Grill (same owners) Block Party on September 5th. But the question was Project Runway?

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Shaw Girl said...

So sorry that you missed it! I watched and enjoyed it immensely. There are some characters as usual (including one guy that's a dead ringer for a bad 80's boy band member) but the important part is the essence of Project Runway is still there. I was worried with all the changes (including the Real World team taking over production), there would be less focus on the fashion and more on drama. There were a few played up drama moments, but all and all, I was pleased.

City Girl DC said...

Good to hear it hasn't changed. I too was worried about the move to Lifetime and the new production. I also read that full episodes will now be available online.