Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend Activity

It seems as though I'm just now recovering from the weekend because I seriously intended to blog about my goings on much sooner. On Friday I managed to hang out with six men in one night. And no, this is not what it sounds like. Yes, a freaky double threesome would have been much more fun, but this city girl is getting too old to even consider such a thing. I started out the evening with my friend Evan from Seattle. You may remember him from a post back in January where I lamented on my dislike of DC cabs. We went to my favorite neighborhood spot, Veranda, which now has the nicest open patio in Shaw. Once he realized that after all this time, I was not having sex and really did want to be friends, he went on his merry way. I then met Mitch at Halo for the usual martini partying. I left there for an invitation from the bartender at Policy. I met him on my last visit there and he asked/texted if I wanted to stop through for a drink. While there I met a couple of cute 20-somethings. No interest of course, but fun to hang out with. After a text from my after-hours club connection, we headed over to N St. After my new found friends had settled in at the upstairs bar, I caught up with my guy downstairs. Even for me, this night had lasted too long so, I headed home.
Saturday involved a going away party for one of Mitch's friends. It was at their lovely, spacious Shaw condo with an upstairs and downstairs deck. Lucky for us that there were decks because with a broken AC system, we would have all died from the heat. But that can't be helped during a party and unexpected 90 degree heat in April. Running out of ice? Well, yes that can be helped when Giant and BP are right up the street. There was also the issue of food. More specifically, the type of food. I was rather disturbed to find a chafing dish filled with cut up barbecued hot dogs. This would not be good at any party, but at a gay party? Oh, hell no!
But the best part of the weekend? Sunday night I went to Ulah Bistro with a friend for a late dinner and ended up hanging out with the cast of Crowns. They were celebrating their closing night at the Lincoln Theatre. Cast member Phillip Boykin was especially gracious. I unfortunately missed this play resplendent with colorful costumes, music, and dialect. If the play was anything like this group, I definitely missed a great show!

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Anonymous said...

I saw that show and it was out of this world! I think Phillip is a real cool guy too because that's me! It was great meeting you. All the best Phillip:)