Monday, April 13, 2009

Lamb Anyone?

I am hardly a gourmet cook and generally only cook when the mood strikes me. So, I was quite proud of myself last night after slaving over a hot stove roasting a leg of lamb for Easter dinner that turned out wonderfully. After flipping through a two year old copy of Bon Appetit, I was struck by all the lovely lamb recipes so I headed to Whole Foods. Luckily, leg of lamb was on sale. I was a little fearful since I had never cooked any big piece of meat other than whole turkey and chicken. The guy at the counter reassured me and suggested a bag of lamb seasoning (a combination of thyme, black pepper, rosemary, spearmint, and paprika) to rub on for a marinade. Before going out Saturday night, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work on the marinade. In addition to a couple of tablespoons of the spice packet, I added lemon zest and sea salt and rubbed it all over the meat. I also inserted several garlic pieces into the meat itself. Once in the ziploc bag, I added a roughly chopped large onion, chopped parsley, sprigs of oregano, olive oil, and lemon juice. I shook the bag several times to distribute everything and into the fridge it went. About 16 hours later, I was ready to cook. I placed the lamb in a roasting pan with more chopped onion and garlic cloves with the skin on. After sprinkling with a little more salt and pepper, it went into the oven for a little over an hour and voila! I even made a version of charmoula to go on the side. The only problem is that I will now have lamb for the next six months. Suggestions for leftover lamb are more than welcome!

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Shaw Girl said...

Shred some of the lamb and toss it with greens for a great lamb salad!

City Girl DC said...

Thanks! Great idea.