Friday, April 24, 2009

DC a Foodie Town?

There's been some great food news in DC lately which is also great for me because one of my favorite things to do is dining out. I had been eagerly anticipating the opening of Policy and have been twice now. The first time was on a weekend night which was a huge mistake. A new lounge/restaurant in DC on a Friday or a Saturday makes for an annoying night. So, I went last week on a Tuesday for dinner and had a great time. I went with a friend and we shared a few small plates. Everything was great. We had the short ribs, mahi mahi, beet salad, and brussel sprouts. As the bartender explained, the chef uses seasonal and largely local ingredients.Another eagerly anticipated spot was Pho 14 which is now open in Columbia Heights. As I've blogged before, I love Pho but hate having to go out to Virginia to get the authentic kind. I went with Mitch last night and this was definitely the authentic kind. I was happily surprised to find that they even serve Bahn Mi. This will definitely be a frequent stop for me. It looks like it will be for others as well given the line at the door.As if that's not enough, I recently read on, one of my favorite web sites, that two DC restaurants are labeled as "where to go next" spots. For gastropubs, it's Commonwealth and for wine bars, Cork. Excellent choices. The only dilemma it that it's becoming harder to choose where to eat.

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City Girl said...

I so agree - especially compared to when I first lived here 10 years ago. There's really been a huge improvement in selection and just more fun places to go that have superlative food :)

Angela said...

Thanks for the tip on Policy. It sounds great but I'll definitely go on a weeknight!