Monday, May 4, 2009

Let it Rain

I'm typically not a fan of rainy weather but let me just say, I much prefer this over that early dose of summer last week. I've come to realize that I really don't like DC summers. Spring and fall are by far the best. The extreme heat and humidity are just horrible as well as the things that come with. DC summers mean: the constant feeling of hot, sticky, sweaty skin; waking up to 90 degree mornings and being drenched in sweat after walking just two blocks to the metro; bad hair days from the humidity; stepping over roaches on the sidewalk; every crazy person in the world being on the street and yelling at the top of their lungs; sky high electric bills from having to run the AC constantly; tourists everywhere... Ok, I'll stop now. And I've never understood why people always say things like, "have a great summer" or, "what are your plans for the summer?", as if we're all still in elementary school and will be heading off to summer camp. As an adult, my life has never changed in the summer. I'm not married with kids so I'm not taking trips to Disneyland. And I've never used leave from any job I've had specifically in the summer. But if I could run off to a cool climate for three months this year, I definitely would!

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Anonymous said...

If you can run off this year, you definitely should. Coming back to DC from out of town can make you appreciate it a lot more.

City Girl DC said...

Very true! Hmmm....but where? The choices are endless!