Saturday, December 22, 2007

Misadventures in Eating Out

As some of you already know and just by the mere title of this blog, I am not a fan of the suburbs. I try my best to stay in the city and for the most part, anything I want or need can be found in DC. However, when it comes to food, I will go slightly out of my comfort zone as long as I can hop on the train. So, when I had a craving for Pho recently, I was happy to see that Amanda at Metrocurean had just blogged about finding Pho in the DC area. Several commenters raved about Pho 75 in Arlington which happens to be metro accessible.
Unfortunately, as I have commented on Metrocurean, I went the other night and ended up leaving in disgust. While the Pho was good, all I have to say is YUCK!!! I was sitting in front of some of the kitchen staff and one of them was seriously picking his nose. Even after staring directly at him in shock for several minutes, he did not stop. I was halfway through my soup at that point, went to the counter to pay, and left in disbelief. I was totally pissed off as I walked the four blocks back to the metro. As far as I'm concerned, this was a sign that I need to stay in the city!

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