Sunday, December 2, 2007

Post-Holiday Vacation for Singles

I am once again advocating a special event just for singles: the post-holiday vacation. The first weekend after Thanksgiving was spent in recovery. I spent several days in the home of a married sibling with two teenagers, a toddler, and a grumpy spouse. One thing I now know is that if having children means potty training, then please just sterilize me!
As I've wondered before, why is it that the life of a single person is always scrutinized and judged? It's like being married is always viewed as the sensible decision. I beg to differ. Just ask Amy Winehouse fans.

So I spent last night on a return visit to Marvin. The place was packed, interesting conversation was abundant, and there was a line down the block by the time I left. I've decided that Leffe Brune, one of their beers on tap, is my official fall/winter brew. I also met an adorable guy who I had a late dinner with. I came home and took a long hot bath. Just what I needed to take the edge off the past week. Back to business as usual, being single in the city.

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