Monday, December 24, 2007

Recognize: Dance Music in DC

Truth be told, I am a true Disco Queen. I did Donna Summer impersonations in the mirror as a child. Yeah, imagine that. Looks like the Washington Post has decided to give some recognition to us dance music fanatics in DC. A recent Sunday Source feature discussed the resurgence of disco in DC. Well, from the perspective of an East Coast born, Midwest raised person, DC was and always has been fertile ground for good dance music. It lives and thrives in various textures from go-go to house to punk. While I appreciated the article, I felt something was left out. Like maybe the real roots of dance music and interviews with the many people (loyal and consistent dancers, DJs, promoters) who have helped to keep dance music alive in DC over the years. But how mad can I be when legendary DC DJ Mandrill was rightfully spotlighted? I went to his Sunday Soiree party at the Fab Lounge last night and had mad fun. Much love to Mandrill. As always, last night a DJ saved my life!

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