Sunday, December 28, 2008

Night Cap

The other night I went to my first hockey game. I went with my friend Rick who I've known for about four years. His hometown team was playing so he was very excited and I couldn't really cheer for the Washington Caps. I'm afraid of heights so being in the nose bleed 400 section was not initially pleasant. A couple of beers helped though. I was hoping to see one of those infamous hockey fights but it didn't happen. I got the feeling that most of this crowd was not made up of DC residents or frequent visitors other than to hockey games and possibly work. It was a fun night out though - something I'd do with a boyfriend. People have often asked why I'm not dating him since: he is straight, actually likes to go out dancing, we hang out all the time and always seem to have fun. Well, I now realize why. Rick is the eternal frat boy - just not in the really annoying way that some can be. He is a mature frat boy. But for a man in his late thirties, I've never taken him seriously for precisely that reason. While I enjoy partying, it's like a sport for him. He's always had a roommate, plays every college-like sport there is, keeps beer in his car, always knows of a buddy throwing a get together which consists of beer, chips and watching a game, only likes to drink in bars that support his hometown teams...You get the picture.
We went back to his place for a late dinner and movies. And just like guys in college, I had to remind him that we were "just friends" and I was not interested in "fooling around". We're both used to the conversation. I think he figures that he might as well try. He fell asleep in the middle of the movie after his second beer. I called a cab.
And as usual, he called the next day to see if I wanted to hang out at his buddy's "kick-ass" party.

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Anonymous said...

WTF? Did he try to "fool around"?

Anonymous said...

A grown man who is stuck in that frat guy mentality is soooo sad. I know a few guys just like that. And they are still single.