Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays

What does a single girl do for the holidays when her artist mother has uprooted and moved to yet another city and her married with kids sister is on the verge of divorce? Uh, stay home and make the most of the solitude, of course. While I do have several single compadres to share the holidays with, I've realized that I'm just not a holiday kind of girl. Which is not the same as a grinch - thank you very much! So, I just chose to stay home with me, myself, and I. What did I do?

12:00 noon - woke up and made coffee; check many voice mails and texts. Man, people love holidays! Is this the only legitimate time to communicate with people you know?
12:45 - realized that once again, like Thanksgiving, I'm getting all sorts of text messages from numbers I don't recognize or people I haven't spoken to in over a year. What's up with that?!
1:00 - more coffee with poached eggs and bacon
2:00 - call to sister who almost immediately engages in argument with husband. End call abruptly. Whew! Glad I'm not married.
2:30 - settle in with coffee and begin watching the traditional NBA Christmas double-header. Nothing like big, sweaty men!
3:30 - text messages to and from long distance friends (that I actually talk to on a regular basis) that continue throughout the day.
4:00 - check email; add to and re-order Netflix list. This takes quite some time.
6:00 - make list of what needs to be cleaned, fixed, or thrown away before the new year. I have a phobia about going into the new year with dirty, unfinished stuff.
7:00 - get work done on projects that start in January
9:00 - distract myself with clothes on and Decide that I need a new look for 2009. But what?
10:00 - realize that beer is making me sleepy and hungry and decide to come up with an innovative dinner out of food in the fridge. Innovative indeed since I have not been grocery shopping in a month
10:30 - decide on a fish stew that combines Asian and African flavors: yummy!
12:00am - while stew simmers, write in journal. Reflect on the bad man choices but applaud those I didn't return to in 2008. Get a head start on New Year's resolutions.
2:00 am - hot bubble bath, candles, soft music, and....sleep.

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Shevonne said...

Doesn't sound too shabby. I invited my single friend whose family is in Jamaica to spend New Year's with my parents and children.

City Girl DC said...

Hey Shevonne - love your blog! And yes, holidays are a good time to be generous to us single folk!