Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Love the Blogosphere

I have been outrageously slow in posting lately. Blame it on the cold weather or my crazy draining job or the stressful holiday season...yada, yada. Ok, I'm just a slacker. Well, anyway, last weekend I am happy to say that I finally met up with Shaw Girl, the author of Adventures in Shaw. I am now completely convinced that men in DC have no reason to complain about the availability of great single women. Shaw Girl is a cool, talented, funny, cooking/baking, photographer who can even tango. And she's my neighbor, which is why I love the blogosphere. In this workaholic city we live in, the two of us may never have met were it not for the web. Fortunately, after many emails and text messages, we finally met up at the 14th street Busboys and Poets. Our original plan was hot chocolate at ACKC but it was packed (darn yuppies!). We had some tasty desserts even though my bread pudding resembled stuffing and I would have preferred her sweet treats that I've drooled over on her blog. But the real treat was the conversation. It's nice to know that you're not alone when it comes to crazy guy stories. And it's nice to know that we single girls somehow remain sane in the process.

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adventuresinshaw.com said...

You're completely right about the blogosphere! I'm certainly glad for it because I get to meet amazing people like you! When the holidays are behind us, we need to get together again! Happy Holidays!!!!

City Girl DC said...

Hey Shaw Girl - yes, let's make sure to do that!