Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quantum of Solace: Planes, Boats, and Automobiles

Last night I needed some eye candy so I went to see the second James Bond film starring Daniel Craig as Bond, Quantum of Solace. I absolutely loved Casino Royale and I'm not even that big of a James Bond fan. But this one? Not hardly as much. Like some other reviewers, I agree that there was not enough of the super cool Bond, the glitz, glam, swagger, and sex. In this one, he comes across as mean, callous, unhappy, overconfident (even for James Bond), and just plain stupid. I'm not a guy and even I couldn't understand how he didn't take time to sleep with the main leading lady, Olga Kurylenko, who is gorgeous. After a while, those action scenes in various forms of transportation were just starting to look unbelievably goofy. But then...ok, the man is just hot! The penetrating eyes, the walk, the pout, and the ability to wear anything like nobody's business (as the pictures illustrate). And you've gotta love Judi Dench. She's one of the best actresses ever. By the end of the movie, all you can say is that you want Daniel Craig on your side in times of trouble.

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