Thursday, January 15, 2009

Inauguration Overload

It's been a while since I've posted and for good reason. After a New Year's visit with family that included way more drama than I care to mention, I was not prepared to jump back into work. I've also taken on one too many projects including event planning (which this girl no longer is doing officially, but what the heck) for the Inauguration. At this point, I will just be glad when the whole thing is over. Being a night owl, I am glad that things will be open later. But I am also someone who is not fond of crowded spaces, especially those with wide-eyed tourists. So, instead of dwell on the impending craziness that will be the next few days in DC (blockades have already been erected in my neighborhood), I decided to reflect on 2008 with some of my favorite pics.

Wounded U St. pig...possibly the work of DC rats?

The result of having too many gay male friends -
gifts I won't ever use.

My new substitute for sex - the Chocolate Sin Cake at Ruth's Chris

I typically don't like souvenirs but this ceramic mug is in honor of those blue take-out coffee cups that only seem to be found in New York. I always have to have one when I'm in the city, so my sister actually bought me one for Christmas.

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silversage said...

Hey citygirl, whats with the inaugural overload? You live in a city where the greatest thing that has happened in any generation is going to happen. Sooooo cool. I just hope you get out, mix and meet some of those crazy,mad, fun overly zealous tourist.Wish I was there with

City Girl DC said...

Yes, I complain but you know I'll be hanging out somewhere! And I am getting somewhat excited..