Thursday, May 1, 2008

Impossibility Redux

I broke my own rules. And you know how that always goes. I'm now brokenhearted. It was all so impossible. Guy from Southeast DC and girl who doesn't venture outside of Northwest. Nerdy, educated girl and street smart guy who has dabbled outside of the law. Has two kids (comes with the prerequisite crazy baby mama) and I don't even know if I like kids anymore.
But here is the good stuff: He's kind and considerate. A hand holder - the intertwining fingers kind with hands slightly rough from hard work. Takes his mother to bingo. Gives to the homeless. Loves to cuddle and eat in bed. Frequents the "carry-outs" but is comfortable with fine dining. Knows the best Dollar Store in DC. Used to listen to go-go as a kid but prefers oldies like the Manhattans. Holds my purse when I dance to music he doesn't like. Knows exactly what he wants and is not afraid to say it. Best of all, doesn't play games or need ego stroking like so many men in DC.
But haven't I been here before? Like over a decade ago in college. He's just dressed up in different clothes. But this time I was honest about my feelings and what I needed. And I've noticed that each little heartbreak brings me closer to knowing exactly what I want. But what I need right now is lots of chocolate and alcohol!

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adventuresinshaw said... need some good comfort food! Like you said, every heart ache helps you understand yourself and what you're looking for better.

City Girl DC said...

Thanks Steph. I will definitely keep comfort foods on the radar!