Friday, May 9, 2008


What do I need right now?
1. To dance until I sweat late at night in a dark club playing deep house music on a floor sprinkled with baby powder and heads with whistles and tambourines in the background.
Just got an email from one of my favorite DJs, Double 07, that he will be producing the first in a series of underground warehouse parties at the old Warehouse on New York Avenue. The party lasts until 5am.
2. An intriguing mood enhancer before the party that I've never tried: absinthe.
The folks over at Modern Liquors will be doing a tasting of Kubler Absinthe from 6pm-8pm tonight. I've been told that its hallucinogenic properties are just a myth. Hmmm...
3. A good meal and good service at a fancy schmancy restaurant. Corduroy, which is run by one of the best chefs in DC, just recently opened in my neighborhood.
4. And an amazing neighbor (and cook extraordinaire) who offers homemade cookies!
Happy Friday everybody!!!

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Anonymous said...

so what's the baby powder on the floor for?

forgive my ignorance, but I am wicked curious.

City Girl DC said...

Deutlich - it's common at house music clubs. Makes it easier to spin and slide across the floor!