Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beer Dinner

This post could also be called, Things I Can't Afford, or Why I Need a Sugar Daddy. However, I got flack over the latter after mentioning the need for a Sugar Daddy to a male friend. Why the resentment, I thought? He seemed to be of the the belief that a modern, educated woman would have no need to marry a man for practical reasons. Quite the contrary I believe. Smart women marry smart, right? And smart men marry women they believe will be beneficial to their lives and careers. Doesn't always work out but hey, that's the thinking. Anyway, can't attend this event at Brasserie Beck that I just got an email about, but love the idea. Beer and fatty food - you bet. Cheers!

On Tuesday, June 3rd, Brasserie Beck holds its first-ever Beer Dinner
featuring Samiclaus Vintages and the last known keg of 1997 Hurlimann
Samichlaus in existence. The five-course dinner will include bottled
vintages from 2000 to 2004 and 2006-2007, a 2005 keg and the 1997 that was
keged at the Hurlimann Brewery in Zurich Switzerland.

Samiclaus is known as one of the strongest lager beers in the world
with 14% alcohol by volume. The pours between the dinner courses will be
approximately 2 oz. each and paired with robust Brasserie Beck menu
items of Pork Belly, Duck Confit, Steak with Peppercorn Sauce, Cheese
Course and a Dessert with a beer reduction.

The evening’s guest speaker will be Karl Stohr, seventh generation
owner of the Eggenberger brewery in Vorchdorf, Austria and also attended by
Martin Wetten of Wetten Importers, Inc.

Dinner Details: $110 per person (exclusive of tax and gratuity)
7pm at Brasserie Beck, 1101 K Street, Washington, DC 20005
Reservations by credit card only by calling 202-408-1717
Seating is limited. Valet parking available for $7

The coveted 1997 keg will be available for sale at the bar after the
June 3rd dinner.

Michael Jackson aka The Beer Hunter, had something to say about Samiclaus:
Traditionally, this immensely strong (14 per cent alcohol by volume)
rich, darkish, lager was brewed each year on St Nicholas' Day, December
6. It matured for the best part of 12 months, gaining strength in the
lagering tank, and was released on the same date of the following year,
with a vintage date. Of the world's super-strong lagers, Samichlaus was
the most complex and satisfying. It had a reddish chestnut colour; a
brandyish aroma; a firm, oily, body; creamy and cherryish flavours; and a
warming, spicy, peppery, finish.

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