Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Saint

This year I had a pretty laid back St. Patrick's Day. I started off at McCormick and Schmick's (or M & S Grill as this location is known as). This has to be one of the cheapest happy hours in town for food and drinks. And given the fact that this particular holiday seems to be about nothing more than drinking lots of cheap, decent bear and eating heavy, brown food, why not? What I love about DC is the ability to meet people who are familiar in some way anywhere you go. Like seeing my landlord next to me at the bar on Friday night. Tonight I ended up meeting a guy from my hometown named Jake. He was very nice and we had lots to talk about. But the real story was his friend who showed up later. Once he arrived, I got the full story of how the friend had just gotten stabbed the night before by his baby mama of two years. Apparently, he had gotten a speeding ticket a couple of days before and she wasn't speaking to him. When he got home last night she was having drinks with her girlfriend. Or so he thought until he was awakened by yelling and a knife in his face. After a few slashes, he managed to lock himself in the bathroom and call the police. Call it the luck of the Irish, but he managed not to be too badly injured. Now according to Jake, prior to this relationship, he would have thought that his friend deserved such bad treatment because of his philandering ways. But in the two years with his baby moma, this friend had done nothing wrong - he had managed to be a saint. So, a stabbing was unbelievable and quite shocking. Neither could understand it. This woman had never gotten upset, raised her voice, or done anything out of the ordinary in the entire two years (which I find hard to believe). But even after all the baby mama drama I've heard over the years, this was very shocking to me. The part that didn't shock me: Jake's friend chose not to press charges and left the bar when she called to ask that he come home. She didn't even understand why he stayed with Jake last night - after the stabbing.

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zandria said...

I was at that bar last week for happy hour! It's just a few blocks from where I work. :)