Sunday, October 28, 2007

Don't Date (or Eat Out) When Mercury is in Retrograde

I was going to pose the question as to whether or not you can date a man you don't get along with but that's really a stupid question. Contrary to what our elementary school teachers told us, there really are some stupid questions. I also know the answer to it: absolutely not! I recently attempted to do this.
What you can do with a man you don't like is to have really great sex. That's easy - you just don't talk. But seeing as though I was born under a very communicative astrological sign, not talking is almost impossible.

I came to this realization yesterday as I attempted to purge the memory of this dude by going out with friends. We had dinner at the new restaurant, Marvin at 14th and U named after Marvin Gaye. I figured, what could be better than good music, Belgian bistro fare, and a rooftop deck. Well, we never made it upstairs so I can't report on that. What I can say is that due to kitchen problems, the food took forever to arrive, came out cold, and someone seemed to have lost their tube of lipgloss in my garlic mayonnaise! To be fair, they did just recently open. So, I will go back. But what I thought was even more interesting is that our waitress attributed these strange occurrences to the fact that Mercury is in retrograde . This apparently takes place during three periods this year and one of those periods is right now (October 11th-November 1st). All I can say is that maybe she's on to something. These past two weeks have definitely been strange in many ways. And my very communicative astrological sign I spoke of earlier is one of two that is highly affected by Mercury.

So, my conclusion is this: opening a restaurant and attempting to date the sex buddy are probably bad ideas when Mercury retrogrades.

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