Saturday, October 6, 2007

Tired, Actually

This has been a long week. I think I was out every single night doing something or other related to business/networking/socializing combined.

The Girls Night Out Shopping Event was a blast! So much shopping and so many cocktails. Adding men just would have been dangerous but welcome.
I needed lots of RnR after two days of this event, so I checked out a new and an old favorite:
Axis is the epitome of a neighborhood bar with good food, friendly people, and even friendlier bartenders (Monday night). Luxury and comfort were calling after a day of humidity and collecting goodie bag items to give out at the event. Where did I go? Urbana was long overdue. It was perfect. From the beet salad to the cute, accommodating bartenders and dim lighting this was exactly what I needed. And I do love a classy hotel bar.
But it was the 2-day shopping event and Thursday after party that took center stage. Ladies and gents (can't beat free cocktails and tipsy women) don't miss it next year!

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