Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Could DC Be Any Smaller?

As a regular party-goer, I am used to seeing people I know when I'm out. But sometimes it gets to be too much. And this is a direct result of there being so few nightlife destinations for a major metropolitan city with such a large population of young urbanites.

I mean really, why do I see the same suit and tie wearing posers every time I go to the latest club/lounge (Posh) with overly expensive, mundane food and drinks. Why do I see the same bohemian "artists" at any event featuring music you won't hear on MTV?
And for the love of single women everywhere, why must I see a guy I've dated whenever I'm having a bummy night of relaxing over a beer at my favorite bar?! Every girl knows that when you see a guy from the past you want to be to be looking fabulous and on a date.

Some solutions to my frustration:

  • more accessible neighborhoods with several fun things to do - could the Convention Center area be more of a ghost town? One bar does not a destination make.
  • a wider variety of events EVERY night of the week - shouldn't I be able to go dancing on a Monday night?
Just asking.

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1 comment:

darlajmd said...

I'm from NY and the limitations of DC nightlife especially in terms of music are very annoying. Why aren't there more places to hear house music for instance? And I yes, I too would like to go dancing any night of the week and not have to run into the same people!