Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Friday

Another random Friday folks because apparently I have more of these than coherent, singular thoughts these days.

  • Wow, surprised and quite happy to see Mike Isabella get eliminated from Top Chef this week. Oh, c'mon, we all know he's a jerk and running into him last night at Clyde's with other restaurant heavies like my girl Gina Chersevani, didn't dispel that belief.

  • Is there really a treatment facility for cheating? I heard Steve Phillips was entering such a facility but I didn't believe it. Are we really giving men this kind of pass?

  • Is DC the only place where, "Do you a have security clearance?" is an acceptable pick-up line at a bar?

  • On dating: Is courtship dead? Has it been replaced with text messages? Do men really expect meaningful conversation from a text messages? Have I become too old to date or care?

  • I'm absolutely in love with the newly opened ChurchKey, on 14th St. NW and upstairs from jointly owned Birch & Barley. I went on Wednesday night and felt like I was in draft beer heaven. I haven't tasted the food yet but I can tell that I will definitely be a regular at this spot.

  • Is it just me or is there something disturbing about a very pregnant (7 months) bartender?

  • Good to see the start of basketball season. Nothing like scantily clad, sweaty men! But how many of you Wizards fans just know Arenas will get injured again and be out for the rest of the season? Go Pistons, Celtics, Bulls, or Miami!

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Shawn Smith said...

- "Do you have a security clearance": Never used it as a line but I have used it to show that I am safe to women. Hey, if the gub'ment says you are ok (no felonies, drugs, or mental issues) then you must be decent.

- Text Messages - I don't like having text conversations. I usually always call.

- Preg bartender - Seen one of those before. Not a good look, but hey, we all have got to make a living.

City Girl DC said...

Shawn - Lol at the security clearance equals safe comment. Not so sure that's a good guarantee. Good to know some men still know how to pick up the phone and talk!