Friday, October 16, 2009

No New Coat for You: Riot at Burlington Coat Factory

I certainly needed a good laugh this week and I did just that when I saw this story on the news about the riot at a Burlington Coat Factory in Ohio caused by an unusual prank of sorts. View here.
Somehow I don't think this is the kind of advertising Burlington Coat Factory was looking for but as they say, any publicity can be good publicity. It got me thinking about how I need a new winter coat. Too bad the closest store to DC that I know of is at the City Place mall in Silver Spring. I visited the store last year and left within ten minutes of being forced by a security guard to check my shopping bag from another store at the entrance. I have a hard time understanding how that mall is still open. If it wasn't for the DSW on Ellsworth Drive and a few good restaurants, I'd never go to Silver Spring. Anyway, while the story is funny, it also makes one wonder if this is a sad result of the recession - for both the woman who made up the story and the people who believed it. Obviously the woman is mentally ill in some way but hey, times are hard, and maybe people are even more likely to wish they had won a million dollars and be able to play Santa Claus for a day. It's quite shocking how many believed her. According to the story, there were 500 people inside and 1,000 outside the store ready to get free merchandise. And what could the store employees, especially managers, have been thinking to allow this to get that far? Has business been so bad that they were willing to believe anything to get sales?
All I know is, the idea of riding in a Hummer limo to Burlington Coat Factory to pull off a stunt like that, had me laughing to tears!

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