Monday, October 26, 2009

Chia Obama

Ok, Chia Obama has got to be the dumbest product hawked on TV. Maybe my late access to cable TV this year is the reason why I'm just now seeing this commercial. All of that Chia crap is bad but this has gone too far. When I saw the commercial I thought I was watching an SNL sketch. This is even worse than the Snuggies for dogs. What's even crazier than the product itself is that it's been embroiled in controversy and snatched from some store shelves for fear of being offensive and even racist. I had no idea that other presidents have been Chia heads so I guess this doesn't bother me. My only question is, who the hell is buying this thing? Probably those same people who have been giving out weird holiday gifts for years. I know I 'd have no qualms about swiftly returning this gift to CVS this holiday season.

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