Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On Vacation

I just realized that I haven't posted anything in a while. I guess it's because I've been on vacation from just about everything. Unfortunately, my workplace is in turmoil and I may not have a job to return to. But, I've been in this position before and rather than scramble for yet another job, I've decided to use this time to reflect. Yes, there has been lots of reflection amidst the fun I've been having. I've been doing a lot of cleaning house. I don't mean that my apartment is clean, which would be nice, but I have gotten rid of a lot of unnecessary junk. I loathe clutter both in my home and personal life. And that means, that I've eliminated all the useless men who have held on to my number. And ladies, you know what I mean - those 'just in case guys", the ones who hold on to your number for years even though you've never shown any interest whatsoever, the "well, he wasn't so bad was he?" guys, the ones you're just being nice to even though they bore you to tears or are unintentionally but genuinely annoying, the ones who treated you like shit and still feel the need to apologize, the ones who live in other states/countries and periodically try to get you to visit and promise you'll have so much fun, the buddy who you know has always wanted more.....Well anyway, I'm done with all of that. What's my tactic you ask? The line I'm using is: I got married and my husband doesn't like for men to call or send me messages. Seems to work and for now it's easier than changing my number. I thought about saying I was a lesbian but figured that would just turn guys on and then I'd have to deal with that.
I've also been reflecting on whether or not DC is the right place for me anymore. I'm starting to feel that I've gotten my fill and seriously need a change. But I just don't know yet where the right place is. Is it time for City Girl to find a new city?

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City Girl said...

Introspective periods like that always come out for the best :) Good luck figuring it all out :) Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Anonymous said...

i laughed when i read this post b/c i can completely relate! i am questioning whether i want to go to grad school and i'm always wondering if i should live in this area. good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

good to have you back city girl. keep up the writing about your sex life please. it is amusing

City Girl DC said...

Thanks everybody. I'm working on figuring it all out. I'll keep you posted!