Sunday, May 10, 2009


While I extolled the benefits of rain in my last post, I realized that I needed some sun. Hell, this is not Seattle! And every once in a while in the past few days we have seen the sun in between all those overcast skys.
Even though rain was still in the forecast, as optimistic DC residents, we celebrated early this past Friday with cocktails on my favorite rooftop over at the Whitman where Mitch lives.
This rooftop really does have the best view of the city. The pool was being cleaned and I took the time out to chat it up with the Jamaican pool guy.
I brought the prosecco, someone else brought beer, and his boyfriend Clayton shared with us his bottle of Nuvo which was a birthday gift from friends. This was truly a fitting gift since Clayton, who has now been given the title of nephew, is divaesque with perfect fashion sense and the look of a male supermodel. He is also the sweetest guy ever and Nuvo is probably the sweetest drink I've ever had! I'm surprised I didn't pass out from the sugar rush.

The party was fun, but we all had dinner plans. I hooked up with a guy in town from Chicago for his daughter's graduation. Yes, I am old enough to be dating guys who have children graduating from college. He introduced me to a strange cocktail at the hotel bar where he was staying (pictured). This must have been my night for strange drinks. Who out there has ever heard of an apple martini with olive juice? Is this a Chicago thing? Hey, I'm always down to try something new. We left there and headed out to Adams Morgan for Ethiopian at Meskerem and bar hopping. Believe me, Adams Morgan on a Friday was a destination solely due to my out of town friend wanting some excitement. My tour guide duties ended on U Street. He said he had fun and we'll probably keep in touch. But a friend is definitely all there is to that. I don't do long distance.

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City Girl said...

So there with you regarding how needed this weekend's sunshine was. :)