Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday Night in DC

After a weekend juggling engagements with four different guys (when it rains, it pours!), I desperately needed a solo night out and wanted to take advantage of the warm air. I decided on Eighteenth Street Lounge. I figured it had been sufficient enough time to go after my last encounter in which I had a major issue. In general, the music is always good, there's sufficient room to mix and mingle, and there's always an interesting crowd. For instance, there was the 7 foot tall transvestite who told me my haircut was "so cute", the 19 year old Asian guys pop locking in the corner, the off work bartenders I've known for years, and the goofy hipsters/IT guys by day. I started off solo, but as usual, I ran into people I know and ended up talking and dancing the night away. I was still ready to go after the club closed when my other gay guy friend, Derek called to see if I wanted to go to The Diner. I'm always amazed that The Diner can be packed on a Sunday or any weekday for that matter at 3 am. It's great for people watching. I came home with leftover pasta, put on a Sex and the City DVD and contemplated the past few days. While I'm sure I would never keep in touch with any of those 20-somethings, it's nice to know that there are still some available guys out there.

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