Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Good Laugh

Laughter really is good medicine. I was just jolted out of a pity party after spending the past two days with great friends who always give me new insight, even if indirectly. Yeah, I may be broke and still searching for love and meaningful gigs that pay well enough and yada, yada, but what's the point in being down? I watched the last game of the NBA Finals at my friend Jared's and celebrated late into the night with pizza and beer over the Celtics winning the championship. We always have these playful debates over who has it worse in the dating game - men or women. He always claims that the problem with women is that they don't know what they want and can't recognize a good guy. Yeah, whatever! Lol
Then, I got a call from Pam yesterday just as I was going to call her, to see if she had eaten dinner yet. As it turned out, I had the perfect vegetarian side to her delicious spicy chicken dish. We had dinner then sat on her stoop with a bottle of wine. She told me the funniest story and agreed to let me share it on my blog. Well, here goes. Pam spent the weekend with friends in Annapolis. After a day of shopping and sightseeing, hitting the hotel bar was mandatory. Seeing as though Annapolis is quite Navy friendly, it is no surprise that Pam met a sailor. After several drinks and last call, the party moved upstairs where more drinking ensued. While everyone was enjoying the lovely accommodations at this chain hotel, Pam and the sailor took quite a liking for each other and moved to the bathroom for privacy. No one knows exactly when this happened (not even Pam), but sometime after the party left and Pam's roommate was asleep, she and the sailor have such wild sex straddled on the toilet that the tank breaks! This is not known until Pam wakes up, the sailor is gone, and she gets a call from the hotel that there is water leaking from her room to the room below. I could not stop laughing! And the only thing I could think to say was, "Well, that was a convenient location because you usually have to pee after sex, right?"

And I thank the universe for giving me the climate-perfect day. Why can't DC be like this every day?

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pockets said...

It's me, Jed! Hey girl!

"Pam"... Hilarious!

And yes, doing the dirty makes me pee afterwards.

City Girl DC said...

Hey Jed! We need to have more parties like that!