Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mega vs. Bolt

Update: The Washington Post has set up its on survey of DC to New York buses today (8/28/09). What's your preference?

I've been taking the bus up to New York from DC to visit family for years now. I love the fact that there are so many more choices now. If I could afford it, I would just take Amtrak because I love the comfort level and not having to worry about traffic. But I still find it ridiculous that Amtrak costs so much. I mean really, does it make any sense that it costs less to go from DC to the Midwest than it does to New York? I especially love the convenience recently of having two bus carriers -Megabus and BoltBus - right up the street from where I live and there are plenty of departure times at all hours. But comfortable? Not so much. I do like the comfort of Washington Deluxe, but the schedule is limited. So, I still haven't found that perfect combination of comfort, convenience (location, schedules, payment methods, etc.), and affordability. Of course, I'm sure I haven't exhausted all possible options though either. I'm curious to know what others think. Do you Mega, Bolt, or do something else to get out of town and why?

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City Girl said...

Reading this is reminding me of all the years husband was here and I was in NYC - ultimately, nothing beats the train for comfort (and we tried every bus line). I find Bolt comfortable,but they had 2 hour delays more than once, and it sucks to be standing in teh rain waiting for a bus. I also like the DC2NY busy just because it's literally a 5minute walk from our DC apartment, but their seats are so narrow and have no leg room.

City Girl DC said...

I liked the leg room on Bolt but found the seats hard. And it seems like Mega tries to pack people in like sardines in a tin can. Thanks for tip about DC2NY!