Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Dating Spectrum

In typical DC spring/summer fashion, the men are out in abundance and I've managed to snag several regular dates. Of course, there is always a story to tell. Out of the three, I'm still seeing just one.
I met Bachelor #1 during the NBA Finals. We had one thing in common - basketball. He was a divorced attorney with a child and lived in the burbs. I managed to miss the boredom because on every date we ended up watching basketball at a place with a TV. I also hoped things would work out because he came from a good family, seemed very stable, and was such a gentleman. I actually thought his nerdiness was kind of cute. It didn't hurt that he played sports in college and had a great body. However (cue circus music), one night he took me to his non-distinct suburban subdivision townhouse and on every, and I mean every wall, was a huge picture of his 7 year old child. There were also pictures on tables and oddly, even drawings in the corner. Some were just of her, and others, of both of them. In addition to the pictures there was an endless stream of toys throughout the house. I literally thought I was in Disney! Yes, I was freaked out. The straw that broke the camel's back? The three huge framed pictures on his nightstand of the child next to his bed. It didn't matter much though since I discovered that there was an erectile dysfunction issue. Oh well.
Bachelor #2 was a little different. Different race and religion and ten years older than me. But I've never let differences stop me when the guy is interesting and nice. Also divorced with a child but the kid happens to be a teenager which makes a huge difference. As it turns out, this guy is an expert in his field and often shows up on political talk shows. Not a lot of physical attraction for me but when you're in your thirties, you learn to get beyond that as you attempt to get to know the person. Our first date involved dinner, drinks, live music, and lots of interesting conversation. He's out of the country for work but has emailed several times and we have plans to go out when he gets back.
Bachelor #3: Cute, bohemian, vegetarian, non-drinker. He told me that he didn't believe in supporting the capitalist system by buying drinks at bars. Need I say more? The fact that I learned he lives in the burbs and has a young child didn't even matter at that point.

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LOL @ guy # 3. Where did you meet him at

City Girl DC said...

DC DIVA - Yes I know! Met him at work.