Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gay Night

After several occurrences lately of turning down invites from my friend Derek in favor of dates with straight men, we finally hung out last night. Our neighbor Lori had the next day off and decided to join us. We started off at The Fireplace, which I've been to before. The place kind of creeps me out but you can't beat the cheap, strong drinks. We then headed over to Apex. I had never been there even though both Derek and my friend Clayton have said how much they love the place. In comparison, I like this place place a lot better than Town. While Apex is also big, it doesn't have that cold, industrial feel like Town and instead of two levels, it's sectioned off into different rooms. The music in each room was better as well. And multiple bars with plenty of bartenders helps too. I also noticed there were more women there than I've seen at Town and fewer shirtless guys. Not a fan of the bathrooms though. Overall, lots of fun. I love the gigantic sequined shoe (left) on the wall.
We ended the night at DC Cafe. Love their shwarmas!

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