Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Columbus Day Fun

I ended up spending part of my Columbus Day holiday hanging out at Timberlake's in Dupont Circle with Mitch and a bartender friend who had just gotten off work. Late in the evening, a group of dark-haired men carrying guitars walked in. I was told that they call themselves the Gypsy Dogs and are part of a flamenco band. They sometimes stop by after a performance and do a little impromptu set. Kind of weird coincidence given that Columbus was commissioned by the Spanish monarchy to take his fateful trip across the Atlantic Ocean. As the story goes, Columbus was looking for a new route to the East. Earlier that evening I had dinner at Malaysia Kopitiam. The curry laska noodle soup was hot, spicy, and delicious and just what I needed as I've been getting over a cold/allergy/sinus thing and needing to open up my nasal passages. Flan for dessert over at Habana Village would have been nice but I was stuffed. And yes, Columbus spent quite a bit of time in Latin America and the Caribbean. While I certainly can't say I celebrate Columbus Day, this diversity of food available to me in this country makes me appreciate world travelers. In a melancholy sort of way, I am just thankful that Columbus and his band of colonizers didn't wipe out all indigenous people.

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