Sunday, September 21, 2008

Going to Town

Last year I blogged about the opening of Town Danceboutique. As I imagined, Town has been a much needed addition to the DC nightclub scene. While $17 for admission may seem pricey to some, it was well worth it: two dance floors, great music, several ATMs, several bars and plenty of bartenders (which equals little to no wait at the bar), a spacious dance floor, and lounge areas where you can sit and actually have a conversation. I was there the other night with my gay friend Mitch. While watching the shirtless guys dancing on platforms, he leaned over and said, "aren't gay clubs so much more fun that straight clubs?" In many ways, I had to agree. The most common reason of course that women will give for going to gay clubs is that you don't have to worry about all the creepy dudes touching and hitting on you. But there are other reasons as well. For instance, I get to see some major skin that I don't get to see at straight clubs. Gay guys are all about being shirtless and so many of them are hot. I've also noticed over the years that the drinks are better. I even get asked to dance more often at gay clubs. While I have no problem dancing by myself (and even prefer it sometimes), it is nice to have someone ask or even playfully grab your hand and lead you to the floor. And gay guy compliments are so much more creative. One guy I danced with spun me around and then shouted, "these queens ain't ready for all your jelly!" Hilarious!

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